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About the Project.

I created this mobile and Web Application that shows a 360º view of the 40 most exclusive archeological pieces of Tecnologico de Monterrey University's (ITESM) collection. The objective was to create a friendly and functional mobile/web application to give virtual access to an external user to appreciate in a detailed way an archeological piece inside the application.

The Archaeological Pieces Catalog is an application that shows a private collection of mexican's archaeological pieces through an interactive view where the user can appreciate with more detail a piece in the collection and also, view the piece from a 360º perspective.

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The design.

This application was created in 2013 with the concept or creating a simple and easy to use interface for the user and align the design to the business requirements.

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The client.

"Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, also known as Tecnológico de Monterrey or simply as Tec, is a private, nonsectarian and coeducational multi-campus university based in Monterrey, Mexico. Founded in 1943 by leading regional industrialists, ITESM has since grown to include 31 campuses in 25 cities throughout Mexico and its wealth, influence and widespread recognition have made it one of the most prestigious universities in the Spanish speaking world."


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