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About the Project.

Today’s banking world exists in a new age, one in which digital experiences are no longer subject to the confines of your living room or office. With more than 2 billion smartphone users around the world today, we are firmly in the days of the mobile age.

Banks portals interaction is often part of the day to day activities for people. More than 90% of banking transactions begin online, and well over a third of all web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. If a website isn’t ready for the mobile age, there is a potential risk to miss out on business.

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The design.

After learning about the key pain points and business needs, I’ve developed a vision for your website that has the ptential to improve the overall branding, usability, user satisfaction rates, portability and increase the volume of leads generated for the user regular activities.

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The client.

AFFIRME is a mexican financial group that is known for its reputation of reliability and safety when responding with professionalism to the requirements of its customers.

Since its inception, AFFIRME has focused on niche markets formed by small and medium-sized companies, in addition to individuals. It is dedicated to provide integral solutions in the financial sector, which currently serves the bajio, north, northeast and part of the center of Mexico.


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