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About the Project.

A portal should be more like a library or a museum than it is a storage unit or a warehouse. It is the place users go when they need context, when they need a map to where in the warehouse, or perhaps even which warehouse, the information they need is stored.

My goal is to establish an information architecture that will survive at WPS for the next 100 years. A system for keeping information organized regardless of the political, technological, or structural change of the organization or the industry.

The Solution Design consists of several sections covering the functionality, organization, content patterns, and design principles discussed with stakeholders over the discovery phase. This documents should provide a blueprint that can be used to build the portal framework and establish the cornerstone content and the web culture to feed and support it. We have divided our solution design deliverables into these parts: Discovery Phase, Information Architecture Phase and Solution Design Phase

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The design.

After conducting a design research and interviewed key end users and business stakeholder, the design proposal was made to inlcude user centered deisgn patterns in a responsive and adaptable interface.

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The client.

This WPS Health Solutions company has a strong legacy of serving the people of Wisconsin. Founded in 1946, is Wisconsin's leading not-for-profit health insurer, offering affordable individual health insurance, family health insurance, and high-deductible health plans, as well as flexible and affordable group health plans and cost-effective benefit plan administration for businesses.


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