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This time we have an engagement with CUNA Mutual Group; a mutual insurance company that provides financial services to cooperatives, credit unions, their members, and other customers worldwide by providing insurance and protection products. One of their products is loanliner.com; a web-based solution for both desktop and mobile devices to help credit unions members to apply for a car loan online.

This project consisted on conducting user research and user testing to improve the usability of the application form of the online workflow, determine pain points and provide recommendations to improve the experience of completing the car loan application seamlessly and increase the online application completion rate for credit unions members.

For this first iteration, the team focused on three major goals:

1. Reduced abandonment rate. We started defining the current state of the application to clearly see the major pain points, identify KPIs and creating a plan to document the findings of the major causes of abandonment rate.

2. Increase product intent. The other piece of this research engagement was to inquire how consumers perceive products, uncover main motivations and expectations of the "ideal" product.

3. Driver's license scan feature. An idea that came up after one of our ideation activities. The goal was to validate the assumption that people prefers scanning over typing to expedite the process of completing the form.

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The research.

This video shows the reactions and first impressions during our first round of interviews with users. We were able to work on 3 major versions of the design. This video shows the different impressions and reactions about these versions.

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The Process

One part of this research work consisted on conducting guerrilla testing user interviews to test the Driver License Scan feature to autocomplete the personal information part o the main form.

The assumption was that most of the people will prefer to scan their driver's license to have their information ready to go (instead of typing in everything) in order to expedite the process of filling in the form.

We also tested the current state of the application on both mobile and web without losing the focus on our main goals: demonstrate what works and what doesn't, document completion success rates, uncover major pain points and gather ideas for implementing new features to enhance the process.

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The Challenges

The main challenge of this research was getting the right people to conduct the interviews. Our target persona's name was Angela. Angela was a credit union member around her 40's trying to apply for a car loan through a credit union using CUNA's loanliner.com application.

Her main frustrations were the lack of trust on the online processes, lack of communication and the time spent filling endless forms. Her main motivations were to get a clear breakdown of the amount of the total cost of the loan throughout the entire process; in a nutshell: more transparency and less time on the paperwork .

Since it was very restrictive to communicate to actual members of these credit unions, we decided to move forward and start interviewing people with similar characteristics that represented the most of our Angela. Most of these people were not members of credit unions but they did have experience applying for car loan in the past and they were able to tell us the major pain points, expectations and desires from their personal experience giving us the full picture to cover and document this information and "nice-to-have" features for the future.

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The results




of continuos interactions


from design iterations

We interviewed 15 people in 5 days and within that time we came up with 3 design versions based on the quick feedback loops we got. Throughout the interviews, we were able to adapt the design according to the synthesis of the results of the interviews.

This provided us with a better understanding of what people were expecting and how they wanted to interact with when applying for a car loan. This users feedback helped us a lot to shape the design of our app to design a product that people really want and like.


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