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This is one of my most special personal projects of 2019. I LOVE food, I really do! And I can't say this enough. Food has become a very important part of my life because it is exciting to always try new things, discover some amazing new flavors, and most important, food brings people together and that makes me happy. Not to mention that I really enjoy my time in the kitchen creating new recipes and making my meals more interesting. I consider that as one of the gateways where my creativity has exploded and I really enjoy taking pictures and practicing my plating skills to make regular food look like super models!

It's been a while since I started a ketogenic lifestyle and I'm really enjoying it! It has helped me in so many ways both inside and out but unfortunately like any other new trend, there are lot of questions and missing information of what a healthy and sustainable keto lifestyle is that's why I decided to create The Keto Café to share my knowledge and the things I do while being in this food lifestyle and help people understand what a healthy keto diet is and how easy it could be to stick with it.

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The blog.

Still a work in progress but I'll be publishing all the recipes, dishes and information about my keto journey very soon! I just started with instagram for now: @theketo.cafe.

Sneak peak the keto cafe site

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The Content.


"So today I wanted something not as green as the previous morning bowls I’ve had so far so, I created this strawberry and raspberry bowl with a cup of kale (because you need the greens! Always!) + almond milk + almond butter + MCT oil, collagen and unsweetened cashew yogurt! Have a wonderful day! #smoothiebowls"

"Good morning and happy Thursday! (Oh yeah, and happy Valentine’s Day? Haha)For this day I decided to make this “mug cake” because it has everything I like and need, and what a better occasion to have some yummy and warm low-carb chocolate treat than today! (I know, I’m justifying myself but it is absolutely worth it!) Anyway, this is a vegetarian version, I publish different versions in my blog soon!"



"Good morning! Today I’m having a very simple protein smoothie bowl for breakfast as a pre-workout meal. I was craving vanilla flavors this time so this bowl was made with 1 scoop of plant-based vanilla bean protein powder (I used @1stphorm) + 1 cup of @califiafarms unsweetened almond milk and ice cubes. That’s it! I topped it with @navitasorganics cacao powder, cacao nibs, hazelnuts, pistachios, blueberries and blackberries. Have a wonderful Saturday!"


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