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About the Project.

The project consisted in creating the landing page and overall site for the Krav Maga MX academy. The approach was to have something simple, very understandable and easy to navigate to answer most of the questions people had about the academy.

After conducting several interviews with current students and prospective students, the concept was defined and the expectations were fulfilled.

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The design.

Responsive Design on one page layout.

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The client.

Krav Maga training focuses on attacks and threats from real situations that can occur anywhere and at any time. Attacks can occur with several environmental conditions when one least expects them and when we are most vulnerable. Krav Maga MX training is structured to allow for those and other variables that occur in violent attacks. Krav Maga teaches to use some techniques under different conditions like minimal light, surprise attacks or under stress because these distractions usually happen in scenes of violent attacks. The system can be taught only by instructors who have qualified as such in instructor courses in the system for a certain time.


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