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This company is an american insurance company that is the second largest writer of U.S. commercial property casualty insurance and the third largest writer of U.S. personal insurance through independent agents.It has field offices in every U.S. state, plus operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, China, Canada, and Brazil. In 2014, the company reported revenues of US $27 billion and total assets of US $103 billion.

The project consisted in determining the main problems and potential user experience issues with the main API for engineers and also for end-users (claim professionals) to use this API through a solid user interface to help them perform their day to day activities of registering claims by uploading videos to the main system in real time with the use of mobile devices primarily.

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The work

I made this video to represent a collection of lessons learned going through a process of lean design and agile methodologies to create a product in less than 6 weeks to get to production.

I want to see the prototype!

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The Process

My job in this project was to identify the main pain points from both developers and end-users to create a strategy and a plan to implement a lean design by prioritizing the most important features and needs for this API (Application Programming Interface).

With that in mind, I started conducting user interviews first with end-users to know their environments, the way they usually work and their priorities when using the current platform to upload their work; in this case, claims information, pictures and videos.

What I learned from talking with these users was that these claim professionals didn't have a single place to store claim related files like videos, pictures and documents. They were connecting to different systems that required different credentials and that supported very limited file formats.

Another observation was that most of these users were carrying a personal computer to their inspection trips. This was a definitive show stopper for expediting the uploading process since they have to search for a place with access to internet, connect to their internal virtual network and then make the report. This took a lot of time which increased the cumulative work they had to do when they were back to the base.

During the interviews we discovered also that most of the claim professionals were having issues to use the current claim system. The most common insight we discovered was that it was very hard for them to use the current application and the learning process was very time-consuming that it was an extra effort to use it entirely.

From the developers interviews, the API was a work in progress at the time and not a lot features and functions were built yet but thanks to the end-user interviews we were able to identify the core functions to start building the API with like the search feature. We learned that the current system didn't have a search functionality so users had to search "visually" by the multiple images on the screen.

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The Challenges

One of the most common challenges the team faced was the difficulty to get users for the interviews. Since these people were always on the run it was really hard to get a time to talk with them so we had to be very quick and concise with our scripts and goals for the interviews.

Another challenge was the performance on the back-end systems. Since this part was out of our control it had a high impact when we started testing in production causing some long waiting times for a video to be uploaded but thanks to our rockstar devops engineers the tuning process didn't take a lot of time, enabling a more seamless experience for the end-users.

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The results




to get to prod


application in prod

The result of the first iteration of work was a complete running and working application in production that will enable end-users to upload videos and claims in a very simple and faster way with the support of mobile devices and search capabilities.


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