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This project was with one of the largest member-driven, health care performance improvement companies in the field. This company focuses on the areas of clinical, operational and supply chain performance and empowers members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care at every turn.

This project consisted in performing a Discovery and Framing effort where the main goal was to create define the main problems and then solutioning based on user input and data a better way to track and visualize analytics and benchmarks for the business and a clear definition of the application metrics such as New Patient Ratio, referrals, revenue cycle metrics, denial rates, accounts receivable, physician productivity metrics, scheduling metrics, top diagnosis by provider, among others.

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The Work

The project was based on the product value proposition statement of evaluating the health of a community-based practice as a practice administrator and facing the problem of finding meaning in the data because of the amount of multiple systems and not having the resources and a single tool to make sense of data. This product has to make it easier for the practice administrators to manage their practice metrics and act on insights with actionable metrics unlike extracting and manipulating the data from various systems manually.


I want to see the prototype!

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The Process

During the Discovery phase the team along with the business side identified the goals and topics where there were more problems and the key metrics such as productivity, access and throughput, number of new patients and the amount of revenue per cycle to mention some of them; to start the research of this engagement.

The key learning in this initial phase where: the need of patient experience metrics, quality and access metrics, staff metrics and business operations metrics. Also, it was really important to start diving into the definition of benchmarks for this future dashboard such as the level of likelihood of the faculty to focus and trust and the desire of transparency in the cohort and the satisfaction score.

As it was expected, the need of having a single place to see everything related to a specific practice and the improvement of user experience and the need of new backend technology to support the new changes.

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The Challenges

Part of the risks in this project was the lack of access to community users and beta test users to solve the assumption of discovery if there is a market for a product like this in the community space. Once established the interviews, the other problem that we encountered was that most of these community users may not have resources nor access to provide data and the next problem was that our research was overlapping internal efforts which resulted of duplicating work of other teams.

Gladly, the team re-calibrated the strategy on how to approach and continue working in this cadence with a defined structured where the main priority was to keep hustling: Use existing practice administrators who were managing community practices. Another point in our favor was to discover that most of the initial users data intake was handled already by the client which made the analysis less painful. Also, a cadence was established with the other internal teams to avoid the duplication of work and have better communication on the next steps and priorities for every team.

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The results

5high level users

subject matter experts

3field users

practice administrators



Once we collected the initial information, feedback and stakeholders input, we put together a rapid prototype and started testing with users. The prototype was received really well having very good comments in terms of clarity and visually appealing. The other key learning that we revealed was that the 4 top metrics for these users were: Productivity, Access and Throughput, New Patients and Revenue Cycle.

Also, there were minor details like the new patient flow was very interesting but confusing to navigate. Also, users expect to drill into each visualization to know more details as well as the interest to track goals and next steps based on the data. The project is still ongoing and more user interviews are being performed to uncover better ways to visualize the information for most of these practice administrators.


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